Who are We

Seara-alimentoes is a wholesales food distributing company with a large history of selling fresh and frozen food like frozen chicken, beef, and pork. Since 1994 Brazil Sadia-Exports has been a wholesales distributing company of some of the biggest brands of Brazilian goods such fresh and frozen poultry food of brand producers BRF, SADIA, PERDIX, PEDIGAO, JBS and many others. Focused mainly in Frozen Meats – Beef, Pork, Poultry, we also have trades with Fish, Vegetables and Dairy Products.

We have representative offices in Belarus, China and Argentina and we are dealing with over 30 countries worldwide. The company has more than 3 years of working experience within the meat sector. We hold strong relations with Baltic producers.

The industry has but one goal, to provide healthy chicken and promote health and happiness around the world. Well not all the chicken that is produced goes out. Brazil’s chicken production in 2016 reached to an astounding 13.4 million of which 66% stayed home. It was necessary because Brazil is one of the top chicken consumers in the world. The per capital consumption of Brazil is 41.8 Kg which needs to be met.